Sean Lowe Adorably Tells Catherine's 'Freeloading' Baby Bump: 'Come Out and Get a Job Already!'

Getty Images
Sean and Catherine Lowe continue to be super, adorably in love and over-the-moon at the impending arrival of their first child, expected in early summer.
The clean-cut former Bachelor posted a heartwarming picture to Instagram on Wednesday, showing the couple tenderly holding 29-year-old Catherine's baby bump.
"I wish this freeloader would come out and get a job already," Lowe joked in the caption.

The parents-to-be are making the most of their remaining pre-baby time with some fun and romantic dates, including a recent outing to Medieval Times near Dallas, Texas. Lowe posted a picture of the two hugging in front of the restaurant's tournament arena.
"What do two married adults do for a date night?" Lowe wrote alongside the photo.

The Lowes are a Bachelor success story, having met during the show's 17th season. The duo recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary.
For more on the couple's parenthood excitement, watch the video below.