2016 SAG Awards: The 11 Best (and Weirdest) Moments From the Show

That's another one in the books.
The 2016 SAG Awards came and went, but not before Leo got his first Actor award, Susan Sarandon looked gorgeous in a bra top, and a bunch of other cool -- and also strange -- things happened.
Here are the 11 best and also weirdest moments from the night:
1. Kristen Wiig and Jon Hamm get things going.

2. Sarah Silverman 'staches it up.
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3. Arrested Development kinda almost reunited which is all we needed out of life.
While announcing Jeffrey Tambor's win for Transparent, Jason Bateman said: "Get up here, dad."
4. Idris Elba took home two.
5. Saoirse Ronan misses her cue.
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"Well, that went well," she joked, before "getting on with it."
6. Jacob Tremblay is too cute for words as per usual.
7. Queen Latifah does a bicep curl during her acceptance speech.

8. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey hilariously honor Carol Burnett.
9. And then Carol Burnett totally crushed her Life Achievement Award acceptance speech.

10. Kevin Spacey gets close to saying something religious but fakes us all out.
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"I would first like to thank our creator," he said. "No, not that one. Um... The one grounded here, on Earth."
11. Leonardo DiCaprio hits the vape pen.
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Because he's literally the only person who could pull that off at an awards show.
What was your favorite moment from the show?
Watch the video below for Kaley Cuoco's amazing abs on the red carpet.