Channing Tatum Says Starring With Anna Kendrick in 'Dirty Dancing Live' Is 'Meant to Be': 'I'll Play Baby'

Could Channing Tatum and Anna Kendrick be teaming up for a live, televised production of Dirty Dancing?
ET's Carly Steel caught up with Channing and his wife, Jenna Dewan Tatum, at the star-studded premiere of his new film Hail, Caesar! on Monday, and while Channing had no idea that he'd ever been linked to the project, he said he'd definitely do it.
"I would do anything with [Anna]," Channing, 35, said. Although he admitted the "live" aspect of the idea freaked him out a bit.
"I'm good on a second take," Channing said. "[I'm a] third take kind of guy."
Carly spoke with Channing's Hail, Caesar! co-star, George Clooney, about the rumors of his Dirty Dancing role, and the 54-year-old Oscar winner had a casting suggestion: He be great "not as Johnny, but [in] the Jennifer Grey role."
Nobody puts baby (or Channing) in the corner.
"I'll play baby, I'll totally play baby!" Channing quipped upon hearing Clooney's suggestion. "I think it's kind of meant to be."
On the off chance that we can't make Dirty Dancing happen, what about a live Magic Mike TV musical?
"No one wants to see that!" Channing said. "No, no, no. It can't come on at 7 p.m. or whatever, it's gotta be like a 1 a.m."
While it's unlikely that we'll see Anna and Channing pulling off the iconic Dirty Dancing lift any time soon, ABC is currently working on a (not live) Dirty Dancing remake staring Abigail Breslin as Baby. So… that's a thing.
In the meantime, if simply just to see some quality Channing Tatum dancing action, check outHail, Caesar! when it hits theaters this Friday.