Sia Receives a New Wig From Ellen DeGeneres, Reveals Which Stars Rejected Her Songs

Ellen DeGeneres knows the perfect gift to give Sia.
A wig, of course!
While visiting TheEllen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday to promote her new album, This Is Acting, Sia received a floor-length blonde wig from DeGeneres -- which she could barely see because of the wig she was already wearing.
“Oh my gosh, it’s beautiful,” Sia replied as she got a glimpse of the artificial hair with a big pink bow on top.
Before she performed on the daytime talk show, the “Chandler” singer revealed that her latest album is made up of songs that were actually rejected by other artists, including her hit, “Bird Set Free.”
“That one I wrote and I loved it. I wrote it for Pitch Perfect 2, but they ended up taking a song called “Flashlight." So then I pitched it to Rihanna and Rihanna took that one [before rejecting it],” she explained. “But then Adele heard it and Adele cut it, but then Adele gave it back to me, and I was grateful because I had seller's remorse.”
“So that's one of those happy endings,” she added.