Kim Zolciak Goes on NSFW Rant Against Instagram Haters: You're Jealous Of My Incredible Life

Kim Zolciak has had it with her haters.
The Real Housewives of Atlanta star posted a lengthy NSFW rant to Instagram on Wednesday, venting against people who have called her out on social media.
"Let me share something with you... You see who's holding me, you see where I am, my kids are here... You know why I have the life I have... Because of how I lived it, how I treat people, what I give back, and how I think," she wrote. "I'm so f**kin over all you bullying trolls! You sit behind a computer screen with your fake profile pictures, your "I love Jesus" in your bio and your private none the less."
"Do me a favor hit UNF**KINFOLLOW.. Get off my page!!! I don't want your negative energy on my page, I don't want to share any part of my incredible life (REMEMBER we all have the same 24hrs) with you."
"You are jealous and it's a disease, GET THE F**K UP.. And FIX YOUR LIFE! #KarmaBaby #ItWillAlwaysFindYou #YouCantThinkNegativeAndHaveAPositiveLife," the post concluded.

The 37-year-old reality star followed up the rant by sharing some fun in the sun family photos, which included several of her children -- Brielle, Ariana, KJ, and Kash.

"What I'm happiest doing... #BeingAMom," Kim wrote.

"Peace Grateful Blessed," she added to one more beach snap.

Meanwhile, Kim shared a butt selfie with her Instagram followers this week.
Watch the video below.