Zac Efron, We Get It, You're Super Buff and You Work Out Like Crazy -- See the Impressive New Gym Pic!

How can muscles even look like that?
Zac Efron must be hitting the gym ALL THE TIME these days, and sure enough, the Neighbors 2 star shared a new buff as hell snap with his fans on Thursday, captioned, "Back and bi's #baywatch."

If it seems like Zac is trying to compete with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at this point, he basically is. The two are set to star in the Baywatch reboot, which is a real thing that is set to be happening next year.
The 28-year-old actor may have a ways to go before he catches up, however, seeing as The Rock still has a (gigantic) leg up on him...

Dwayne did, however, take some time late last year to compliment Zac on one very specific part of his physique....

Watch the video below.