Kelly Clarkson Announces Children's Book Inspired by Daughter River Rose

Big news!
Kelly Clarkson finally revealed that big project she was teasing -- a children's book starring her adorable 1-year-old daughter, River Rose!
"My hope is for little kids to read River Rose and the Magic Lullaby, and be inspired by it," Clarkson says of the book, which comes out Oct. 4. "And know they can achieve anything. Dream big and make big thinks happen."
Watch the sweet announcement video below, which contains a funny section (starting at 1:34) where Clarkson jokingly complains about her little "micromanager" getting "out of hand."
So exciting!
The 33-year-old singer teased the project with four clues, the last coming on Monday, writing, "#RiverRose and I will announce our #NewProject tomorrow! It involves balloons, magic and a lullaby!"
And if you can believe it, that's not even the cutest clue.
Watch the video below for the rest of the teasers.