EXCLUSIVE: Ben Stiller Reveals Secret to His 15-Year Marriage as His Son Gives Blue Steel Stares

Ben Stiller has a little Derek Zoolander on his hands!
The 50-year-old actor's family joined him at the New York City premiere of Zoolander 2 on Tuesday night, and his 10-year-old look-alike son, Quinlin Dempsey Stiller, that stole the limelight.
Photo: Getty Images
Quinlin did his best Blue Steel stare as he posed for pics on the purple carpet with his dad, mother Christine Taylor and his 13-year-old sister Ella Stiller.
Ben and Christine -- who appeared in the first Zoolander together and are now co-starring in the sequel -- told ET that the secret to their 15-year marriage is "having a sense of humor."
"I think you got to laugh. Because you know after a while you know life is life you know?" Ben said. "We all have to deal with what life throws at us, so you got to have a sense of humor about it. If you can share that, at the end, it makes a huge difference."
We certainly see the sense of humor in this family! Zoolander 2 hits theaters Friday, Feb. 12.