Jaden Smith’s Model Girlfriend Cleared of Felony Charges

by Rande Iaboni 1:01 PM PST, February 12, 2016
Photo: Getty Images

Jaden Smith's reported girlfriend, 19-year-old model Sarah Snyder, has been officially cleared in her felony case for grand larceny.

The case was dismissed in a Bedford, New York, court on Wednesday after Snyder's legal team successfully proved her alibi.

The charges stemmed from her arrest on June 15 for one count of third-degree grand larceny, a class D felony. The arrest occurred after a high-end boutique in Katonah, New York, called the police to report that a blonde female had entered the store and stole a $15,995 Hermes handbag. After further investigation, police deemed Snyder a suspect.

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"Her alibi was that she was in Florida at the time of the larceny," Snyder's attorney, Robert Schuster, told ET. "We had to overcome four eyewitnesses that swore they saw Snyder in the store at the time of the theft," Schuster continued.

Snyder penned an open letter in Harper's Bazaar, in which she detailed the entire case and professed her innocence.

"So many people are like, 'You stole a bag, you're such a horrible person that you did this.' I've gotten so much hate from this. My reputation is so bad now," Snyder wrote in the letter. "I know a lot of companies haven't worked with me because of this situation. I lost a recent fashion magazine editorial. The bigger companies are like, 'No, that's going to make us look bad.' I have been through so much for something I didn't do."

"On Wednesday night, February 10th, during a hearing in Bedford at 6:30 p.m., the charges were dismissed," Snyder added. "I'm just happy that people know the truth and know that I didn't do it. It was satisfying to know that they admitted that they were wrong… I'm just glad it's over."

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Snyder raised eyebrows in October 2015 when she appeared to be mocking her arrest by Instagramming a picture of herself wearing a T-shirt with her mugshot on it. "56 nights," she captioned the photo, referencing a mixtape by rapper Future inspired by DJ Esco getting sentenced 56 days in jail for possessing marijuana in Dubai.

To learn more about Snyder initial legal troubles, watch the video below: