EXCLUSIVE: Jodie Sweetin Says Her 'Fuller House' Co-Stars Vetted Her Fiance

Jodie Sweetin revealed to ET that her Fuller House co-stars had a hand in  her engagement to Justin Hodak this past month.
Hodak joined the 34-year-old actress at the Los Angeles premiere of her Netflix show, and she was all smiles as she flashed her engagement ring.
Sweetin told ET that she warned her fiance that he needed to get in good with her on-screen uncles and father. "The first time I brought him around, I was like, 'OK, just so you know, Bob [Saget] is gonna sit down and talk to you and question you about stuff,'" she recalled telling her husband-to-be. "And you gotta get in with Dave [Coulier] and John [Stamos]!’ We're all like family and they love him. It's great."
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Sweetin gushed that her two daughters, 7-year-old Zoie Laurel May Herpin and 5-year-old Beatrix Carlin Sweetin-Coyle, also like Hodak. "We're really happy and my kids were there when he asked me and they gave their approval," she said. "They were thrilled and we have a great life today. It's amazing."

While Sweetin thinks her wedding is "a couple years down the road," she promised that Saget would definitely be invited to her big day. "Of course! He's my TV dad, how could I not?" she insisted.
Fuller House will start streaming on Netflix on Friday, Feb. 26.