EXCLUSIVE: See How Marc Jacobs Created Lady Gaga's David Bowie-Inspired GRAMMY Looks

by Rachel McRady 4:30 PM PST, February 17, 2016
Playing EXCLUSIVE: See How Marc Jacobs Created Lady Gaga's David Bowie-Inspired GRAMMY Looks

Three cities, 50 craftsmen, one iconic performance.

Lady Gaga dazzled in her tribute to the late David Bowie at the 58thAnnual GRAMMY Awards on Monday night. But what most viewers don't know was the amount of work that went into heravant-gardelooks from designer MarcJacobs, both on the red carpet and during the show.

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New exclusive footage, obtained by ET, gives fans the insider experience, delving into the extensive process of creating Gaga's bold ensembles.

Photo: Marc Jacobs

It all started with research, sketches, patterns, and concept art, which was all approved by Gaga. Next, thedresses went to Paris for additional extravagant embellishments, including embroidery and feather work. Some of the decorative metallic elements were provided by Maison Lesage. After final touches in New York, the outfits were sent to Los Angeles for fittings with the "Applause" singer.

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In addition to overseas travel, the works of art had to actually be handcrafted by a team of 50 people with as many as 10 different hands on a garment at one time.

Photo: Marc Jacobs

The end result caused a stir at the annual awards show, with Gaga taking the carpet in a royal blue coat dress with sky-high heels and orange-red hair. She later changed into white pants and matching jacket, complete with a white shawl and blush-colored feather boa.

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Rock legend Bowie died after a fight with cancer on Jan. 10, at the age of 69. Gaga paid tribute to his impressive catalog of work during the live broadcast.

And that wasn't the only Bowie-related statement Gaga made. Prior to her GRAMMY performance, she got Bowie's iconic Aladdin Sane album cover tattooed on her left ribs.

"This was the image that changed my life," she captioned a Snapchat photo of her new ink.