Spencer Pratt Says 'The Hills' Getting Canceled Was His and Heidi Montag's '9/11'

Spencer Pratt was beyond devastated when the show that made him famous came to an abrupt end.
In a new interview with Vice's Broadly, Pratt compares the end of The Hills to one of the worst terrorist attacks on U.S. ground.
As fans of the popular MTV show may recall, the controversial couple -- nicknamed Speidi -- quickly became fan favorites when they coupled up during season two, and they went on to rack up millions of dollars from the reality series about a group of young women living in Los Angeles.
"We were fame whores, getting literally a million plus a year in photos and being hated for it," Pratt, 32, revealed. "It's frustrating for me that people don't recognize that this was genius. This was innovating!"
But when a new reality show, Jersey Shore, debuted on the network and became a success, MTV canceled The Hills in 2010 after six seasons.
"[The Hills getting canceled] was our 9/11," Pratt explained, referring to the four terrorist attacks targeting U.S. landmarks on September 11, 2001. Once they discovered they'd no longer be gracing TV screens, the couple hopped on a plane to Costa Rica, Pratt said, where they briefly lived in luxury in a Ritz Carlton hotel, even ordering in room service for "every meal." Needless to say, they were broke by the end of their trip.
Despite their hardship, Pratt revealed that their love is timeless. Nearly a decade since the first episode of The Hills aired, Speidi -- who now reside in Pratt's father's beachside home near Santa Barbara, California -- is still going strong.

"I love Heidi because she's the most special angel I have ever come across," Pratt, who tied the knot with 29-year-old Montag in April 2009, gushed. "Heidi is like the sunset."
After receiving some hate for his comments comparing the end of the show to 9/11, Pratt took to Twitter to apologize in a series of tweets. "Where Trump and Yeezy at when you need them!?," he began. "My 9/11 comment: I want to apologize for making a such a thoughtless analogy."
"I'm not going to make dumb celebrity excuses about being taken out of context," he continued. "I just said something dumb and potential hurtful to a lot of people and that's all there is to it. I'll likely say something dumb again, but I know I need to check myself on this one. Again, apologies to anyone I offended and for being insensitive. Much love, Spencer."
Last October, ET caught up with Montag's co-star, Kristin Cavallari, who opened up about life post-Hills. While she hasn't exactly kept in contact with all of the stars of the series, she considers Montag a close pal.
"I talk to Heidi all the time," Cavallari said. "It seems like she's doing really well and [she and husband Spencer Pratt] are really happy."