Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Give a Confusing Tour of Their Kitchen

Getty Images
Rob Kardashian is attempting to eat right and lose weight, but, according to a bizarre series of Instagram videos posted by the reality star and his girlfriend, Blac Chyna, he has no idea what’s in his kitchen.
“Rob, what is this?” Blac Chyna asks in the clips, pointing out food items like sorbet, tortillas and quinoa, all of which are clearly labeled.

The 27-year-old model seems especially perplexed by a box of Irish oatmeal.
“I mean, I get his birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day,” she says of Kardashian, 28, “but what the f*ck is this, bro?”
Rob isn’t seen on camera, but can be heard in the background of some of the videos, echoing his girlfriend’s confused tone.
“Sometimes in life you have to eat healthy,” Blac Chyna declares in a later video.

Well, she has a point.