Ouch! Little Mix's Perrie Edwards Shares Pics of Her Burnt Hand After Freak Accident

Getty Images
Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards was left with a few rather gruesome burns after the pilot light on her boiler blew up, setting her hand and arm on fire.
The band shared pictures of Edwards' injuries on Instagram, along with a message from the 22-year-old performer about the frightening incident.
"So today I had an accident... and by accident I mean I accidentally set myself on fire," Edwards explained, saying the explosion was "not a pleasant experience."
"I'm in pain, full of blisters, there's no one hair left on my hand or arm, and it burned the sleeve of my favourite jumper," her message continued. "A little advice from me… STAY AWAY FROM FIRE!"
The accident came one day after Edwards and her bandmates made their debut Brit Awards performance where they electrified the crowd at London's O2 Arena with a memorable performance of hit single, "Black Magic."
Edwards received an outpouring of support from her fans on Twitter on Thursday, with many wishing her a speedy recovery.