Chris Rock's Daughter's Girl Scout Cookies Brought Us 8 of the Greatest Moments in Oscars History

by Alex Ungerman 5:51 PM PST, February 29, 2016
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Let's be clear: Chris Rock's daughter's girl scout cookies won the 2016 Oscars.

Hellbent on outselling "Linda Dunn," the 51-year-old comedian took a break from hosting Sunday night to implore the stars in the audience to "reach into [their] millionaire pockets" and buy some delicious cookies. And they did -- to the tune of over $65,000, as Rock reported!

The stunt wound up bringing many wonderful cookie-related moments to the show, which was welcome on a night that dealt with much more important issues.

Here are some of our favorite moments of celebs and their cookies.

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1. When Leonardo DiCaprio winning his first Oscar was only the second-most exciting thing that happened to him.

2. When Christian Bale simply couldn't resist...

3. But he still shared with Matt Damon.

Photo: ABC

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4. When Morgan Freeman literally just cookie'd and dipped.

5. When Kate Winslet got serious about her cookie choices.

6. When John Legend needed those cookies.

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7. And when Chris Evans and Henry Cavill had this beautiful moment where they just knew as they chew(ed).

8. But no one -- NO ONE -- can chew a cookie like Michael Keaton can.

OK, we're gonna need more cookies.

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