Ali Fedotowsky Defends 'Bachelor' Ben Higgins for Saying 'I Love You' to Two Women: It 'Came From a Sincere Pl

Ali Fedotowsky has got Ben Higgins' back!
The Bachelorette alum blogged about the Bachelortelling two women he loved them during Monday's episode, saying he is "one of the most genuine, loving, sincere men I have ever met."
"I know many of you are really upset with him for saying I love you to two girls," she wrote. "Telling two women he loves them truly came from a sincere place. I think he’s a romantic. He loves love!"
"Most men who tell two people they love them do it because they are playboys, Ali continued. "Not Ben though. He couldn’t be further from that."
"Should he have told both of them? No, I don’t think he should have. He should have done what all us other Bachelors and Bachelorettes did and kept his cute little mouth shut until the final rose," she added. "I for one am going to give him a pass for being that vulnerable with us."
Of the double-loving, Ben told ET this week, "I was in love with two women, but I knew I couldn't say goodbye to the woman that I was with in the end."
The 27-year-old Bachelor also confirmed his engagement, adding, "I am happily in love with one, and its' going to stay that way for the rest of my life."
Who that person is won't be revealed until the final rose ceremony on March 14, but Ben did talk to ET about wedding bells in his future!
Watch the video below.