EXCLUSIVE: Alison Sweeney Fires Back at 'Internet Trolls' Over Alleged Fake Diet Pill Endorsement

Alison Sweeney is fighting mad about a company she claims is using her photo to market a diet supplement she says she would never endorse.
"They're Internet trolls, and people need, unfortunately, to be really careful," Sweeney told ET.
According to the former Biggest Loser host, the company made a fake Instagram post that they claimed was from Sweeney as well as a fictitious article, which contains false quotes that Sweeney never said.
Sweeney told ET that she's sent a cease and desist letter to the company and has hired a legal team that is "getting involved in litigation."
"The bottom line is one of the best things I learned at The Biggest Loser is how important health is and how important it is to eat right and work out," she said. "There are no short cuts."