'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'Charmed' Casts Have Amazing TV Crossover Reunion: See the Pics!

by Rachel McRady 7:39 AM PDT, March 21, 2016
Photo: Instagram

They saved the world… a lot. Over the weekend, several stars of the cult classic TV shows, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed, reunited in Paris for the Witches vs. Vampires fan event.

Buffy alum Charisma Carpenter -- who played high school mean girl-turned-Scooby, Cordelia Chase -- Instagrammed several adorable shots from the reunion. In one she posed with her co-star and on-screen love interest Nicholas Brendon (Xander Harris).

I mean... Aren't we the cutest? #Cander #BuffyTheVampireSlayer #Xander #Cordelia #Paris2016

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“I mean… Aren’t we the cutest? #Cander #BuffyTheVampireSlayer #Xander #Cordelia #Paris2016,” she captioned the sweet selfie. In the series, Xander cheated on Cordelia, ending their high school relationship. She went on to star in the spin-off series, Angel.

This just happened on stage @guestsevents #NicholasBrendan #FanFavorite #BuffyTheVampireSlayer #Paris2016 #TheScoobyDance

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Carpenter also posed with actor James Marsters, who played bad boy vampire Spike, writing, “#Spike #Cordelia #BuffyTheVampireSlayer @guestevents #Paris2016 On stage right now.”

Reunion of #Charmed #Buffy #guestsevents #vampires LOVE #witches #paris

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Also at the event was actress Emma Caufield, who played Xander’s ex-demon fiancé Anya. The co-stars teamed up against the Charmed cast to debate who would win in a battle between witches and vampires.

Hahaha that's amazing!!! #guestsevents #Paris #Charmed #Buffy

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Charmed stars Shannen Doherty, Drew Fuller, Holly Marie Combs, and Dorian Gregory all represented the supernatural show.

Buffy recently celebrated its 19-year anniversary with star Sarah Michelle Gellar, who is busy filming the TV adaptation of Cruel Intentions, penning a heartfelt tribute to the Joss Whedon series on Instagram.

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“19 years ago tonight, I got to introduce you to #buffyannesummers(and #mrpointy too) thank you for taking the incredible journey with me and continuing still. I am and forever will be#grateful,” she captioned a throwback shot of her vampire-slaying heroine.