Brandy 'Floored' by Fan-Made Barbie Dolls: 'I Love Barbie Brandy'

Photo: Getty Images
Actress, singer, and now, Barbie! Brandy Norwood served as the inspiration for longtime fan Tyren Redd, who created a Barbie doll in the likeness of the 37-year-old singer. While not official, the doll chronicles the singer’s life with looks -- from her Seventeen cover to her Broadway debut in Chicago -- based on her long-running career’s evolving style.

The doll’s Instagram, which has over 10,000 followers and counting, even caught the attention of Norwood, who was delighted by the creation and shared a few of the images on her verified account. "I'm so floored that my doll was reincarnated through the creative imagination of one of my most loyal stars, Tyren Redd,” Norwood told ETonline. “All the love that is shown to my doll and her Instagram page is greatly appreciated, and at the same time, shocking.” 

“I love Barbie Brandy," she added. Redd’s Brandy creation even recalls the singer’s early days, when she was topping the charts with “Baby” and starring in her own sitcom, Moesha. WATCH: Brandy on the Legacy of 'Moesha' 20 Years Later In January, the show celebrated the 20th anniversary of its premiere on UPN and Brandy opened up to ETonline about its lasting legacy. “I think for young black girls to grow up through her journey and through her eyes and to see a young black girl with braids in her hair, it leaves the legacy of possibility,” she said. MORE: Ava DuVernay Calls Official Barbie Doll 'Wild and Wonderful' While the show ended without a proper series finale, Norwood is hopeful for a reunion or continuation a la Gilmore Girls or Full House, now calledFuller House
Full House is coming back, right? [A Netflix reboot] would be awesome,” she continues, ready for the call to make it happen. “We could do like two episodes or something. I'm ready to go!” The popularity of the Barbie Brandy also comes in the wake of Mattel's official releases of Ava DuVernay and Zendaya versions. "I think it’s definitely time to have a Barbie like this,” 19-year-old Zendaya told ET about her Barbie, which is modeled after her 2015 Oscars look. “It’s opening doors for a lot of women, women of color, of all different backgrounds. I think that’s really, really exciting.”