Kylie Jenner Takes Tyga, Her Abs and Ferrari to In-N-Out, Because Tuesday

Kylie Jenner decided to take an entire day off from social media yesterday. Just kidding.
After a day spent posting sentimental throwback pics on Monday, Tuesday brought back the Kylie we know and love. Abs and all.

And then, because she deserves it, the 18-year-old reality star went to In-N-Out. In her Ferrari.

Did she get her burger animal-style? We'll never know.
Oh. And Tyga was there, too.

Later that night, the youngest of the Jenner-Kardashian clan kicked back in some killer boots.

She lip-synced a bit.

And gave us a close-up of her sexy outfit.

Because that's what Kylie Jenner does on a Tuesday.