Rob Gronkowski Joins Instagram In the Gronk-iest Way Possible

Photo: Getty Images
Rob Gronkowski has joined Instagram, and it’s everything Gronk fans could have ever hoped for.
The New England Patriots tight end kicks off his first Instagram video on a playground slide, as an off-camera voice asks, “Rob, what are you doing for your off-season?”
“I’m coming to Instagram!” Gronk exclaims.

The clip is one of the first to use Instagram’s new 60-second video feature, and it chronicles the NFL star hopping on a private jet, sweating through a brutal workout, and high-stepping in a swimming pool as his videographer cheers him on. “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s Rob Gronkowski!”
The four-time Pro Bowler is also getting used to some unwritten Instagram rules. He used a total of 14 hashtags on his first post, captioning the vid, “HERE WE GO BABY! #instagronk #firstgram #nofilter #obviously #gronkspike #you #laugh #me #happy #love #fun #patriots #blessed #hashtag.”
But it’s not all hard work. Gronk also dons a plush robe for a “spa day,” gets his hair cut while jamming out to Gwen Stefani’s “Make Me Like You,” and of course, shares a party shot from a nightclub.
It’s a perfectly Gronk first post, and we can’t wait to see what else the Patriots' party boy has in store for his followers, which currently number at 511,000 and climbing. Selena Gomez also tested out Instagram’s new longer video option. While her edits weren’t quite as hilarious, they did give us a preview of a sexy new song she’s working on.