Watch This 'Wheel of Fortune' Genius Solve Puzzle After Puzzle With So Many Blank Spaces

Don't even try to play Wheel of Fortune against Robert Santoli. It's not possible.
In a new episode of the long-running game show, this amazing contestant was miraculously solving puzzles with blank spaces all over the place, like if you played Taylor Swift's 1989 album on repeat. And we're not saying the other contestants looked resigned to losing, but when a guy can guess "Port & Starboard" off of an ampersand and a "D," what's there really left to do?
At one point, host Pat Sajak literally just goes, "Robert, what took you so long?" after he momentarily hesitated before correctly solving the puzzle, "Oh What a Night," on just three letters.
Oh, what a night it was, indeed! In the end, the genius guesser went home with $45,000. He was pretty happy about it.
Photo: YouTube
Watch the whole thing go down below.
Congrats, Robert!
At times like this, it's important to remember that for all the brilliant guesses and strikes of luck we witness on Wheel, there are also those times when contestants amazingly fail so hard.
Watch one of those moments below.