'Duck Dynasty' Star Sadie Robertson Attends Prom With Cousin Cole After Splitting With Boyfriend

The Duck Dynasty kids turned prom night into a family affair!
Sadie Robertson, Willie and Korie Robertson's daughter, was accompanied to her senior prom by her cousin Cole over the weekend.
The 18-year-old reality star shared a sweet snap of herself and Cole from the night of the dance, writing, "Making mems with the fam is the best, because we can laugh about them forever. thank you for always being there cuz! couldn't do life without you!"

Cole also shared a photo from the night, writing, "Had a blast with you cuz we should do this more often."

And of course, we all know that prom night is really about pictures for the parents! Korie got a little sentimental while reflecting on her daughter's big night.
"Feels like yesterday that these two were building forts in the yard," the 42-year-old wrote on intagram. "I love every single thing about you! You were drop dead gorgeous last night, and your sweet spirit is even more beautiful than what we see on the outside. Your inner beauty shines through."

Mom, you're gonna make them blush!
But where was Blake, Sadie's boyfriend of two years, on her big night? Sadly, a source tells ET that the couple broke up a few weeks before the big dance. (Young love!)
The split didn’t actually effect Sadie’s prom plans, however. The Louisiana native told ET last month that she always planned to attend prom with her cousin due to her ex's baseball schedule.
"We've been long distance our whole relationship -- for two years -- which is hard," Sadie said of her relationship at the time. "We're always like, 'Oh, I can't wait until we're finally just married.' That's just fun to talk about, but nothing serious."
Watch more of the interview below.