Kylie Jenner Debuts New 'Peach' Hair Just in Time for Coachella

Getty Images
Watch out Vanessa Hudgens, Kylie Jenner is coming for your Coachella Queen crown, and she’s got peach hair to prove it!
The 18-year-old reality star showed off her new pale orange tresses on Instagram and Snapchat on Friday, as she made her way to the Southern California music festival, captioning one pic simply, “peach.”

Once she arrived at Coachella, Kylie was snapping up a storm, posting videos from parties and performances and showcasing her festival attire.

While the peach ‘do appears to be Kylie’s own hair, the reality star recently took credit for making wigs popular in Marie Claire's"Fresh Faces" issue.
"I started wigs, and now everyone is wearing wigs," Kylie told the publication. "Kim [Kardashian] just used my wig guy last night...I just do whatever I want to do, and people will follow."
See more in the video below.