The World Honors Prince: Eiffel Tower, Chicago Skyline and More Landmarks Go Purple

Clearly, Prince's legacy and musical genius has been felt around the world.
After news of the icon's death on Thursday, plenty of famous monuments lit up in purple to honor Prince, fitting for the "Purple Rain" singer.
In one of the most stunning displays, the Eiffel Tower was cast in purple lights.
Not surprisingly, Prince's home state of Minnesota had plenty of tributes, including ones from both the I-35W Bridge and the Lowry Avenue Bridge, as well as from the stadium of Prince’s hometown baseball team, the Minnesota Twins.
But it wasn't only Prince's beloved state that honored the legend. All around the U.S., recognizable monuments lit up, like Cleveland's Terminal Tower.
In New York City, the "Prince St." subway sign was changed to read "Prince RIP."

And in a fittingly ironic display, Niagara Falls went purple on Thursday, though this was actually planned for the Queen's 90th birthday, as opposed to Prince's death.
Not surprisingly, plenty of celebs are still reeling from the influential artist's death. Mariah Carey spoke exclusively to ET on Thursday backstage following her concert in Paris, France, where she talked about her personal relationship with the singer.
"He helped me through so many moments where I needed somebody to guide me through," Carey recalled. "[He was] just a true genius… There will never be anybody else like him."
"It's such a loss that he's gone," she added. "I'll never get over it."
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