Amy Schumer Has Goldie Hawn Facetime Her Dad and It's So Unbelievably Sweet -- Watch!

Sometimes, dreams really do come true!
Amy Schumer shared an adorable video via Twitter on Wednesday of her setting up a Facetime between her father and his apparent #WCW for life, Goldie Hawn.
"Face timing with the goddess @goldiehawn who made my fathers dreams come true," the Trainwreck star captioned the tweet.
"You're the love of his life," Schumer tells Hawn, before directing her starstruck father, "You can tell her."
"You're the love of my life. In real life," Schumer's father bashfully admits, before the First Wives Club star responds, "I am??"
Watch Schumer and her BFF Jennifer Lawrence reflect on their wine-filled Saturday nights below.