Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth Drop the Mic on the Obamas During Hilarious Twitter Trash-Talking

It's the First Family versus the Royals!
Michelle Obama and Prince Harry have been working hard to bring the Invictus Games -- the Paralympic-style, multi-sport event for service members and vets that Harry created in 2014 -- to Orlando, Florida, on May 8. And what would a competition be without some friendly trash-talking?
"Hey, @KensingtonRoyal! Are you ready for @InvictusOrlando? Game on," FLOTUS tweeted alongside a video of her husband, President Barack Obama, warning Harry to "be careful" what he wishes for.
Harry took over the Kensington Royal Palace account to tweet back, "Wow @FLOTUS and @POTUS, some @weareinvictus fighting talk there! You can dish it out, but can you take it? How on Earth am I going to top that? - H"
Solid emoji use, Prince Harry!
The Royals' secret weapon? An appearance by none other than Queen Elizabeth. "Unfortunately for you @FLOTUS and @POTUS I wasn't alone when you sent me that video," Harry fired back, dropping the mic on the Obamas.
That's exactly how you top that.
Harry recently came face-to-face with a 9-year-old who adorably asked him if he is ever going to be king. Watch the sweet interaction in the video below.