Around the World With the 'Captain America: Civil War' Cast: Private Planes, 'Outrageous' Experiences and the Biggest Diva Revealed

by Rande Iaboni 10:53 AM PDT, May 05, 2016
Playing Around the World With the 'Captain America: Civil War' Cast: Private Planes, 'Outrageous' Experiences and the Biggest Diva Revealed

When you're dealing with a film as massively anticipated as Captain America: Civil War, you can expect more than a few promotional stops around the world. And Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. and the rest of the star-studded cast did not disappoint, jet setting from Beijing to Singapore, Paris to Berlin, and all across the U.S., from L.A. to NYC.

So what is it like globetrotting with the likes of Captain America, Iron Man and Scarlet Witch?

"They sent me to Asia with Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie. So, whatever you're thinking right now, you just keep thinking that!" the Winter Soldier himself, Sebastian Stan, joked to ET at a New York screening. "Singapore was pretty wild. We've gotta go back there."

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While the tight-knit cast remained tight-lipped on their crazier experiences overseas -- "Oh yeah, I have a lot of stories that I cannot share," Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner coyly told us -- Anthony Mackie, AKA Falcon, did share a personal highlight.

"Singapore was outrageous!" he enthused. "I saw my first $120 million house in Singapore."

Meanwhile, Downey Jr. gushed over just about every single stop the group made, listing off, "Berlin was amazing. Paris was a blast. London is always fun. I got to swing through San Francisco on the way home for a minute. I love the planet. I'm glad to be on the planet."

Even though this eclectic group has assembled into an Avengers family, we imagine all this travelling might cause some rifts in their relationships. So, who was the most difficult cast mate to travel with?

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"It might be a dead heat between Paul Rudd and Anthony Mackie," Vision actor Paul Bettany revealed. "Paul Rudd's beard has its own entourage and Anthony has more people looking after his suits than you can imagine."

Rudd didn't try to defend himself, quickly admitting, "Have you ever seen that old kind of footage of people that go on ships and they have a train of steamer trunks? I have that. I also have a monkey. I travel with a live monkey."

The film's directors, Anthony and Joe Russo, refuted Rudd's claim, though. "Rudd is the easiest to travel with. Anthony Mackie is the most difficult. He is like the energizer bunny, if you want to keep up with him you will have a hangover," the brothers said with a laugh.

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So, what does Mackie have to say for himself?

"Sebastian Stan is really difficult to travel with," he tossed blame to yet another target. "He takes naps. He's just fun kryptonite." Then again, that might just be beauty sleep, as Mackie also offered an insight into Stan's global appeal, adding, "We call him 'Sexy Sea-bass.' Outside the U.S., they call him Sexy Sea-bass. It becomes a problem."

Who did RDJ pick as the most difficult of the group? "Oh, I don't fly with any of those guys," he matter-of-factly replied. We expect nothing less from Tony Stark.

Captain America: Civil War explodes into theaters on May 6.