Victoria Beckham Recorded a Hip Hop Demo After the Spice Girls, Tracks Leak Online

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Spice Girls star, fashion icon, and hip hop artist? Victoria Beckham’s career was very close to taking an unforeseen turn back in 2003. After the Spice Girls disbanded, Posh Spice sought out a possible future in the hip hop industry.
It turns out, she even recorded several songs. The tunes, which have some major J.Lo late ‘90s vibes, were leaked on YouTube this month. The leaked song titles claiming to be from her demo Come Together include “That Dude,”“Dat Simple,” and “Baby Boy” (someone call Beyonce!).
While Beckham’s vocals aren’t exactly enviable, the former pop star certainly had good material to work with.
Plus, thanks to her recent Instagram video, we know she’s got the right dance moves. But seeing what the mother of four has become to the fashion industry, it’s clear she made the right career choice.
Earlier this month, Beckham revealed that while she was in the Spice Girls, the group used to put her voice on the back burner.
"They used to turn it off and just let the others sing," Beckham recalled. "I got the last laugh and now my mic is well and truly on, finally."
Even if she wasn’t necessarily cut out for life as a solo artist, Beckham’s son Cruz is showing the world what he’s made of these days with his Justin Bieber-esque sound.
The “proud mum” has posted several videos of her son singing to Instagram.