Selena Gomez Gets Choked Up in Concert, Starts Crying in the Middle of 'Who Says'

Selena Gomez had a moment on Thursday night at her concert in Montreal, Canada. The 23-year-old pop star was in the middle of singing her 2011 hit “Who Says” when she was moved to tears by her loyal audience.
Just as she was about to belt out the chorus, Gomez’s voice audibly broke and she stopped, taking a moment to look out at the massive crowd. Her devoted fans began singing along to the inspirational tune as she cried.
The Disney alum tried to go back into the song but was unable to keep her emotions in check, and ultimately it ended with the crowd finishing it for her.
She was filmed saying, “F**k,” after the song ended, happily overwhelmed that she wasn’t able to sing with her fans.
Gomez is known for putting her heart into her music and her performances. When she released her Justin Bieber-inspired song “The Heart Wants What It Wants” in late 2014, the emotional singer cried in the tune’s music video and in several subsequent performances.