Zac Efron Visits Pre-School Students and It's Too Adorable -- See the Scholastic Snaps!

Zac Efron's like a big kid!
The High School Musical alum took a trip back to pre-K on Thursday, paying a visit to some pre-school classes and just hanging out.
"#Squadgoals at the ECC ❤️?? #stayinschool," the Neighbors 2 star captioned one photo.
The 28-year-old actor also visited another class, and shared a photo of the experience, hilariously writing, "#tbt to when I graduated preschool. Thx Smiling Sons class for reminding me what's important. #beyourself #playhard."
It's possible Zac might be feeling nostalgic lately!
Last week. the actor posted a throwback picture to 2008 with Vanessa Hudgens and the "O.G. High School Musical crew."
And honestly, we were totally on board for this whole thing until we realized these kiddos are probably too young to know what High School Musical is...
Enjoy hanging out with Zac, kids! We'll be over here being SO OLD.
Take your mind off the inevitable passage of time by watching Zac's surprisingly great impression of his Neighbors 2 co-star, Seth Rogen, below.