EXCLUSIVE: Paula Patton Says Son Julian Takes After His Father Robin Thicke: 'He Loves to Put on Dance Parties

We may have another performer in our midst!
Paula Patton talked with ET's Ashley Crossan ahead of the June 10 premiere of her movie, Warcraft, where she revealed that Julian, her 6-year-old son with ex Robin Thicke, loves to sing and dance just like dad!
"He loves to put on dance parties, he likes to sing and dance... wonder where he gets that from," the 40-year-old actress shared. "Granted, I wasn't a good singer, but I liked to do the exact same thing when I was kid."
Meanwhile, in March, Patton told ET that she's ready to find love again following her divorce from Thicke after 10 years of marriage.
"It didn't work out. It was a good time," she said. "Yes, I was very in love... I am hoping to feel that way soon."
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