Even John Krasinski Approves of This Adorable 'Office'-Themed Prom-posal

Photo: Getty Images
America's Got Talent contestant Jeremy Moore pulled a Jim Halpert and reenacted the iconic teapot scene from The Office to ask his crush, fellow OneVoice member Hannah Gray, to prom.
In the process, he won all of us over -- and that includes Jim himself, John Krasinski!
Jim never actually told Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) how he felt about her in the iconic "Christmas Party" episode, giving Pam a teapot, but sneaking a love letter back into his pocket before she could see it. Jeremy, however, wasn't as shy.
"I got a surprise," Jeremy announced on the show, before running off stage. Seconds later, he returned with a teapot, which he handed to Hannah.
"I don't know if any of you watch The Office, but I'm going to be Jim for a minute, and I hope you'll be Pam," Jeremy told Hannah, removing a letter from the teapot to give to her.
After proclaiming, "Oh my gosh," Hannah unfolded the letter to read it out loud. The note stated: "You make me happier than Pretzel Day. Prom?"
Watch the whole thing below:
While this may have been the best thing to ever happen on America's Got Talent, Krasinski's reaction to the sweet moment made it even better.
"Way to go Jeremy! Couldn't have done it better," Krasinski tweted on Tuesday in response to the absolutely adorable prom-posal.
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