Amy Schumer Spoofs 'The Real Housewives' With Andy Cohen

Photo: Getty Images
Amy Schumer teamed up with Bravo’s Andy Cohen to spoof the Real Housewives franchise in a reunion special for her Comedy Central show, Inside Amy Schumer.
The comedian was joined by her sister and co-writer, Kim Caramele, as well as Bridget Everett from Trainwreck, and Greta Lee from Girls.
Cohen kicked things off by greeting Schumer, who sported a less than favorable fake tan, lots of blush and an untamed blonde wig. She explained that her new look was inspired by her new fashion line.
But the sweet chatter didn’t last for long.The drama quickly unfolded when Cohen read a fan question addressed to Schumer.
“Amy, why do you say p**sy so much on the show? Are you scared we don’t believe you have one?” Cohen said.
“I have to say, I have no idea what that is in reference to,” replied Schumer, who lost her cool and threatened to leave the reunion special. “On my life, never, never have I ever said that word. On my life, on my children’s lives, on my children’s children’s lives, never have I said that word. That’s family, and you don’t do that to family,” she screamed.
Cohen then introduced a montage clip of Schumer’s hilarious p**sy mentions.
Everett, who sat across from Schumer during the sketch, said she was impressed with everyone’s fab transformation.
“Amy looks pretty special. We all came out of the dressing room and Andy’s just like, ‘You guys look great!’” she told ET. “We were so done, so bronzed. My dog, Poppy, makes her national television debut, it was really fun!"
Inside Amy Schumer airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central.
For more on Schumer watch the clip below.