EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Lopez Opens Up About Crying 'Almost Every Night' During her Las Vegas Residency

Jennifer Lopez says she gets emotional over her children during each performance of her Las Vegas show, All I Have.
The singer and actress spoke with ET's Carly Steel at a press junket for her new film, Ice Age: Collision Course, on Monday, where she opened up about how her twins, Max and Emme, love watching their mom perform onstage at her residency at Caesars Palace.
The 46-year-old pop diva, who pays tribute to her kids during the show, admitted to ET that she always gets choked up while honoring her 8-year-old twins.
"People are like, 'Is she crying!?' I'm like, "Almost every night, thank you," Lopez joked.
While she might get teary-eyed during the tribute, Max and Emme just like having their faces up on the big screen during their mom's performance.
"They love it. You know, they go, 'Why is my face up there!?'" Lopez shared. "My son will be like, 'Why is my face there? People are laughing at us!' He gets worried about that stuff. My daughter [just] loves watching it."
"She just watches me. I don't know what she's thinking yet. I'm sure I'll know soon," Lopez added.
Watching their mom perform onstage isn't the only thing Max and Emme get a kick out of. The adorable siblings also love computers, video games and animated movies -- but don't expect them to freak out about Frozen like most other grade schoolers.
"Frozen was years ago!" Lopez laughed, explaining that her kids are way over the Disney hit. "They really want to see Ice Age."
Lopez's new animated flick, Ice Age: Collision Course, hits theaters July 22.