Source Denies Calvin Harris Slammed Taylor Swift in Instagram Comments

Calvin Harris' split from Taylor Swift was seemingly amicable at the start, but on Thursday, the DJ and music producer seemed to get surprisingly candid in his Instagram comments, allegedly sharing his thoughts on the end of the high-profile relationship.
Harris has since deleted all of his comments, but as he should know by now, screenshots are forever.
"[Taylor] controlled the media and this situation," Harris appeared to argue. "I had no idea what was going on. So that kind of makes it a lot worse from my perspective."
Photo: Instagram
The 32-year-old EDM artist also seemed to imply that, despite rumors to the contrary, it wasn't him who decided to call things off.
"I didn't leave anyone," Harris wrote, according to another screenshot, "and she's def not sad. It's all good."
Photo: Instagram
He also appeared to respond to accusations that he's simply lashing out at the 26-year-old "Shake It Off" singer because he's jealous of her burgeoning relationship with actor Tom Hiddleston.
"Not jealous sir, free," Harris allegedly wrote, later apparently adding, "I cared too much and then I didn't care all. I am a real person remember."
Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram
Harris was also asked "why [do you] hate Taylor?" To which he reportedly replied, "I don't at all."
Later in the day, Harris took to Snapchat where he played Jessie J's single "Domino," with the lyrics, "I'm feeling sexy and free." Harris then asked, "Who else is feeling sexy and free? I am!"
ET has reached out to Harris' rep. A source close to the DJ says he did not write the comments.
Following their split, Harris unfollowed his ex on Instagram and both stars purged their Instagram profiles of photos of each other. Harris recently refollowed the singer the same day he shared another in a long line of shirtless selfies.
For more on the couple's split after dating for a year, check out the video below.