Shawn Mendes Addresses Gay Rumors: 'The Focus Should Be on Music, Not My Sexuality'

Shawn Mendes isn't gay, but his sexual orientation "shouldn't make a difference."
On Thursday, the "Stitches" singer responded to YouTube comments about his sexuality with a series of Snapchat videos blasting the trolls who seem a little too concerned about his personal life.
"I don’t usually do this and bring up problems, but I was on YouTube watching some of my interviews and I was going down the comments and noticed a lot of people were saying I give them a gay vibe," explained the 17-year-old crooner.
"First of all, I’m not gay," said Mendes. "Second of all, it shouldn’t make a difference if I was or if I wasn’t. The focus should be on the music not my sexuality."
Mendes made it clear that "99 percent" of the commenters weren't "making assumptions" about his sexuality. He added, "But this is just for the 1 percent of you that are."
He also had some advice on judging others. "Before you judge someone on the way they speak or act, I want you guys to think, 'Hey, maybe I shouldn’t be judging someone,' or 'It actually shouldn’t even matter. They can do or be, or feel, how they want to feel.'"
Mendes reiterated that it's not the gay rumors that bothered him, it's the implication that homosexuality is wrong.
"I'm not frustrated because people were saying I was gay at all," he said. "I have no problem with that c'ause it wouldn’t make a difference to me. I'm frustrated because in this day and age, people have the audacity to write online that I'm gay as if it were a bad thing."
To close, Mendes said he wishes those commenters online would "grow up" and told fans, "I love you guys."
Mendes isn't the only young celeb to address their sexuality on social media. Teen Wolf star Charlie Carver revealed that he’s gay in a series of Instagram posts this past January. "Let the record show this-- I self-identify as gay," Carver announced. "Does that really matter anymore? As a young man, I needed a young man in Hollywood to say that -- and without being a d*ck about it, I owe it to myself, more than anything, to be who I needed when I was younger."
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