Runway Model Gets Completely Naked in Times Square, Starts Dancing Erratically

Photo: Ashley Shapiro
Tourists in New York City got quite the eyeful on Thursday morning when a 21-year-old man stripped down naked in the middle of Times Square.
He has been identified by several news outlets as runway model and Columbia University student Krit McClean, and police tell ET that upon stripping down, the man climbed the top of the TKTS discount booth stairs on 47th Street and 7th Avenue. The NYPD had to block the scene in an attempt to calm him down, as he was dancing and acting erratically. He was also reportedly screaming about presidential hopeful, Donald Trump.
Police say when they went to approach him, he spit in their faces. An inflatable airbag was placed below the stairs and at 9:10 a.m., the man jumped 15 feet off the staircase but missed the airbag. He only sustained a few bruises on his arms and legs, and was transported to Bellevue Hospital.
Photo: Ashley Shapiro
Photo: Ashley Shapiro
Photo: Getty Images
Police tell ET that charges against the man are pending at this time.
According to McClean's Instagram, he has posed for several fashion campaigns, many of which are underwear ads, and has appeared in both GQ and Harper's Bazaar.