Anderson Cooper's Luxurious Brazilian Estate Will Give You Home Envy -- Take a Look Inside!

Anderson Cooper doesn't just have a vacation home -- he has a full-on vacation compound.
The 49-year-old journalist owns Casa Anderson -- you haven't made it until your house has a name -- in Trancoso, Brazil. If you want serious real estate envy, Cooper allowed Architectural Digest to take what have to be the prettiest pictures of the prettiest home you've ever seen.
"Within a day I was fantasizing about buying a house there," Cooper told the magazine about a 2013 trip to Trancoso with his longtime partner, Benjamin Maisani, and best friend, Andy Cohen. "Ben thought I'd lost my mind, and Andy, who is encouraging about almost everything, thought I was nuts, too."
Photo: Architectural Digest
Photo: Architectural Digest
Just read this insane description of the property:
"The first cottage -- colonial in style -- contains the conjoined living and dining rooms, a kitchen, and a veranda for alfresco meals. The two center buildings are guest bungalows -- one of brick, the other built using pau a pique (or 'wattle and daub'), a process whereby clay is layered over a wood frame. The last structure, tucked away near the pool, is a two-story tree house of reclaimed timber planks that comprises a master suite above and an outdoor living room and bar below."
A tree house! There's also a pool set against the rain forest, mango trees and MONKEYS.
Photo: Architectural Digest
There's much ado about how "unpretentious" and "authentic" the Casa is. Such as: The compound was constructed using materials salvaged from an abandoned farmhouse! The outdoor shower is made out of a tree trunk! And a local Brazilian fisherman crafted the beds!
But fear not: There is a flat-screen TV in his bedroom -- it's just hidden in a "rustic trunk."
Photo: Architectural Digest
"I've worked in 70 countries and traveled to even more, and I've never seen anything like Trancoso," the Anderson Cooper 360° host said in the issue, which is out now. "It's a real place not a Potemkin village for tourists."
Cooper will have even less time to visit his Brazilian getaway if he lands a permanent gig as Kelly Ripa's co-host on Live! He has said it "would be a dream" to work with Ripa, but ET previously learned that execs are "hesitant" to pick him.
Now, a source says Ripa's co-host will be announced before the new season premieres in September -- which could mean Cooper is no longer the frontrunner. Get the scoop on the situation in the video below.