Nyle DiMarco Slams Fox News for 'Blind, Deaf and Dumb' Headline

Photo: Getty Images
Nyle DiMarco took offense to one of Fox News' recent online editorial stories.
The opinion piece titled "When It Comes to Hillary Clinton, American Justice Is Blind, Deaf and Dumb," struck a chord with the Dancing With the Stars winner, who shared his grievances with his Twitter followers on Thursday.
"Fox News, I don't appreciate 'Blind, Deaf, and Dumb,'" he wrote. "I'm Deaf and I'm not ignorant at all."
DiMarco added, "Use better words, thanks!"
The 27-year-old model's stance received mixed reviews from his social media followers, with several tweets attempting to clarify the headline. "Better words could have been chosen but doesn't 'dumb' also mean unable to speak?" one commenter inquired.
"I think you may have misread. I don't think they meant that being deaf is automatically accompanied by dumbness," was another response.
"I think you took their words the wrong way, Nyle," someone else tweeted.
DiMarco's commentary also got its fair share of support from the Twitter community. "Leave it to Fox News to be offensive. Poor taste. Nyle, sue them," one tweet suggested.
Another Twitter user sympathized with DiMarco's reaction to the headline. "I agree. I have blind parents with master degrees. I feel media has the disability," she wrote.
"People need to be more respectful, I bet Nyle is more intelligent than the people who wrote this," yet another one of DiMarco's followers responded.
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