Courtney Stodden Takes Sleeping Pic With Baby Bump, Says Pregnancy is Making Her 'Soooooooooo' Tired

by Jennifer Drysdale 6:20 PM PDT, July 12, 2016
Photo: Getty Images

Pregnancy has definitely taken a toll on Courtney Stodden -- her energy, that is.

The self-described "professional blonde" took to Instagram on Monday to show off her growing baby bump in a sleepy selfie.

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"Sleeping soooooooooo much it's insane!!!" Stodden wrote, along with a pic of herself snoozing in lingerie.

Sleeping soooooooooo much it's insane!!! #preggers

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Stodden has definitely had some ups and downs since announcing her pregnancy in May. Just a few weeks ago, the 21-year-old was happily dancing around by the pool.

"Embracing these insane body changes with a smile lol #pregnant #baby bump," she captioned the video of her bikini clad dance session.

Embracing these insane body changes with a smile lol #pregnant #babybump 🍼

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But before that, Stodden couldn't seem to get over morning sickness. "When does this end?" she wrote, along with a candid shot.

When does this end? 😷 #firsttrimester #baby #pregnant #morningsickness #notjustinthemornings

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Stodden and her actor husband, Doug Hutchinson, recently celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. The pair wed in 2011, when she was just 16, and he was 50.

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See more about the controversial couple's road to baby in the video below.