Tom Hiddleston Gets Standing Ovation at Comic-Con, Reveals If He's 'Pokemon Go-ing'

Photo: Getty Images
It's safe to say Tom Hiddleston is still Comic-Con's No. 1 boyfriend.
The Kong: Skull Island star stepped onstage in Hall H to a standing ovation and Saturday's panel had to pause every few moments for this exchange: Someone in the crowd: "I LOVE YOU, TOM!" Hiddleston: "I love you, too."
"First of all, it's very nice to see you all. Thank you for the warm welcome," Hiddleston told his adoring fans.
The first trailer for the Godzilla counterpart -- premiered at Con -- is chock full of action, explosions and one seriously enormous gorilla. Hiddleston revealed shooting the movie was often as intense as it seems onscreen. 
"I remember one night we were filming until about two in the morning in a rain forest in Australia," he said. "At the end of the night, we realized there was a snake in the monitor tent. And they have some dangerous snakes in Australia!"
It was co-star Brie Larson who won the Q&A portion of the presentation, though, when a fan asked what the cast likes to geek out over and Hiddleston drew a blank. Larson asked, "Are you Pokémon Go-ing?"
"I'm not," he demurred, before offering up this answer, which has to be the most Tom Hiddleston-y answer ever, "Sometimes when I'm sick I go and re-watch all the Fawlty Towers."