Hilary Duff's Son Luca Makes the Cutest 'Ghostbusters' Fan Ever: Watch Now!

Photo: Instagram
We’re definitely gonna call Luca! Hilary Duff’s adorable 4-year-old son, Luca Comrie, is a big Ghostbusters fan. The little guy starred in an Instagram video on his mother’s account, that might be the sweetest display of support for the new comedy revival yet.
“Guys! I don’t love to put my kid on blast but this is just too good! #Ivewatchedit200times #thiswillbeshownathiswedding #ghostbusters #whoyagunnacall #lucanailedit,” Duff captioned the sweet clip.

In the video, an excited Luca first exclaims, “Who ya gonna call?!” before realizing he’d gotten ahead of himself.
“I mean, I mean, something strange! In the neighborhood! Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!” he shouts as his mom cheers him on.
Little Luca is growing up before his parents’ eyes. Though Duff and her ex-husband, Mike Comrie, finalized their divorce in February, their family unit remains intact.
"I wouldn't say we have a cordial relationship, I would say we have a really strong friendship and a lot of love for one another," Duff told ET last June. "We're a family, and we're always going to be a family."