Britney Spears Says She's 'Unfortunately' a Hopeless Romantic, Despite 'Horrible' Past Relationships

Photo: Getty Images
Britney Spears isn’t letting a few "horrible" relationships stand in the way of her happily ever after!
The pop princess confessed she still believes in “cheesy” fairytale love, during an interview with Australian radio show Rove and Sam on Hit 104.1.
“Unfortunately, I am [a hopeless romantic],” the 34-year-old “Make Me" singer told the hosts before breaking into giggles. “I’ve been through horrible relationships, but unfortunately I still believe in love and I think you should protect your heart and stuff like that, but I am a hopeless romantic. I believe in love.”
The singer’s 55-hour Las Vegas marriage to childhood friend Jason Alexander ended with an annulment in 2004, and she then married Kevin Federline, welcoming two children before divorcing in 2006.
She was also engaged to talent agent Jason Trawick from 2011-13.
Despite failed marriages and engagements, Spears still hopes to find lasting love and says old-fashioned courting is the way to her heart – like a trusty love song mixtape!
“I like cheesy,” she continued, in the interview. “I think cheesy is so sweet and nice.”
One place potential suitors won’t be able to woo Spears? Clubs!
The singer said despite being largely based in Las Vegas for her residency at Planet Hollywood, she avoids hitting up Sin City’s nightlife.
“I’m very boring,” she said. “I’m 34 years old so I don’t really like clubs. My show is loud enough so when I go to clubs my ears are so sensitive that I just want to go run and hide somewhere! I’m not really a party animal. I like to work out, I like a routine and I’m kinda simple.”
“I eat almost the same thing every day -- Caesar salad -- and I’m pretty healthy,” she continued. “There are fun places and things to do in Vegas, but it’s not really my thing. I’m not a party hearty girl.”
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