Justin Bieber's Hawaiian Vacay Includes Helicopters, Private Planes and Topless Models

by Jennifer Drysdale 4:31 PM PDT, August 04, 2016
Playing Justin Bieber's Hawaiian Vacay Includes Helicopters, Private Planes and Topless Models

Does Justin Bieber even have a bucket list anymore?

The 22-year-old pop star recently took a little Hawaiian vacation -- Justin Bieber style.

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JBiebs, enjoying the "company" of designer pal Cedric Benaroch and six models (including rumored new girlfriend Sahara Ray), seemed to have a blast exploring the island, keeping a log of his daily activities on Instagram.

He enjoyed the view.

He took in some sunsets.

He FaceTimed with his friends (Kanye West) back home to tell them how much he misses them.

Taylor swift what up

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

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He hung out with friends (in a helicopter).

He posed for pics (in front of said helicopter).

He went for a little dip.

Swany cakes

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And exhausted from his extensive sightseeing, Baby Biebs took a little snooze on the (private) plane.

✌🏼️out Hawaii 🌺

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See more of Bieber's vacay below.

Dippy dippy 🚁🍳

A photo posted by Meredith Hennessy (@ashotofhennessy) on

Pisces ♓️ The Ruby bottom in Dusted Ivory @sahararayswim

A photo posted by Sahara Ray (@sahara_ray) on

Floatie floatie

A photo posted by Bronte Blampied (@brontebw) on

Swimming with wild dolphins today in @sahararayswim 🐬 Snapchat - sahararay 💞

A video posted by Sahara Ray (@sahara_ray) on

Evidently they didn't listen when I told them not to swim over a 200 ft waterfall drop...Boys will be boys 👏🏼

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While the "Sorry" singer appears to have kept it PG for his little swim, the same can't be said for Orlando Bloom. 

The Lord of the Rings star recently chose to go au natural while paddleboarding with girlfriend Katy Perry in Italy. 

See a whole lot more of the actor in the video below.