Jack Osbourne Opens Up About Sharon and Ozzy's Marriage Troubles: 'This Isn't Their First Rodeo'

Photo: Getty Images
Jack Osbourne is being realistic about his parents' marriage.
Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne's son gave a candid interview on Sirius XM's Sway In the Morning radio show on Wednesday, where he put his parents' marital woes into perspective by explaining that ultimately... they're real people with real problems.
"They're working on it," Jack, 30, said of the marriage. "They're trying to rein it in ... They've been together for so long and this isn’t their first rodeo."
"They don't have this picture-perfect marriage, and they've never claimed to," he shared. "So they’re just trying to figure it out, I guess."
This week, Ozzy admitted to infidelity that goes beyond his affair with hairstylist, Michelle Pugh, saying that since the fallout from that scandal, he's entered "intense therapy" for sex addiction.
"I am mortified at what my behavior has done to my family," the 67-year-old rocker said in a statement to ET. "I thank God that my incredible wife is at my side to support me."
"He's working at it," an emotional Sharon shared on Wednesday's The Talk. "I'm proud that he's come out and admitted it finally."
In the meantime, Jack has a family of his own to care for.
"Whatever happens, my parents are still my parents," Jack told the radio host. "You kinda just support where you can."
Listen to the clip below.
Meanwhile, Ozzy's ex-mistress filed a lawsuit against his daughter, Kelly Osbourne, alleging comments she made earlier this year were defamatory, and that she had "harnessed her celebrity and notoriety to incite her followers as well as the media machine."
The news broke after a recent interview the hairstylist gave to People, where she called Ozzy the "greatest love of my life."
Watch the video below for more on the drama.