Simone Biles and the Final Five Score an Invite to 'Pretty Little Liars'

Photo: Getty Images
Simone Biles and the "Final Five" have lots to look forward to when they get back from the Rio Olympics.
The U.S. women's gymnastics team scored an invitation to the set of Pretty Little Liars from executive producer Marlene King on Thursday.
"We're so proud of what you’re doing in Rio," King said in a video posted to Twitter. "Come see us as soon as you get home and bring your friends!"
Biles and the team are huge fans of Pretty Little Liars, so it's only right that the Olympians get a behind-the-scenes peek at the show.
The official Pretty Little Liars Twitter account extended an open invite for the team to stop by after they're done dominating in Rio.
Biles happily tweeted back,"Yes x27238833 times."
King replied to Biles with a congratulatory tweet for the team. "So proud of you and the #FinalFive," she wrote. "See you in Rosewood @Simone_Biles @PPLTVSeries. "
The "Final Five" continues to win big in Rio, despite a small controversy surrounding Gabby Douglas and the National Anthem.
See more in the video below.