Ashley I. Sobs Uncontrollably on 'Bachelor in Paradise': 'Caila Ruined Everything!'


Just as the waters were calming from Hurricane Chad’s visit to Bachelor in Paradise, in rolls another storm: Ashley I.! Ashley Iaconetti returned to BIP onTuesday night, bringing her drama in literal waves flowing straight from her eyeballs. She vowed to Chris Harrison to cry only three times during her run this season, but by episode’s end Ashley had already broken her promise (our ‘cry count’ clocked at least five sob sessions). 

So, what was with the waterworks? Ashley arrived still very much in love with Jared Haibon (she said the two had hooked up on and off in recent months), only to discover that Jared had been cuddling up with Caila Quinn. Normally we’d tell Ashley to calm down and get her gorgeous self together, but she didn’t just have plain old rejection to tear up over: Ashley cried betrayal!

“I didn’t think Caila was going to hurt me like this,” Ashley told Jared through tears. “She told me she would never, ever go out with you. Caila ruined everything and she’s a backstabbing whore of a friend!” Yikes. 

Photo: ABC

To her credit, Ashley calmly confronted Caila, claiming Caila had told Ashley she would not be going on Paradise. “I didn’t know that I was coming,” Caila said. “I decided like two days before.” (So…you knew you were coming, Caila.)

We’ll see how the Ashley/Jared/Caila love triangle turns out next week – and, it might become a square! Next week’s teaser showed Caila possibly falling for a newbie joining BIP. Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays on ABC. If you missed this Monday’s biggest moments, watch the video below to catch up!