EXCLUSIVE: Tyler Perry Praises Heather Locklear's New 'Bad Girl' Role as She Makes Stunning Red Carpet Appeara

Heather Locklear appeared happy and healthy on the red carpet on Tuesday night, just weeks after she was spotted with what looked to be a nose injury.
Posing in trendy nude heels, white jeans and an off-the-shoulder green blouse, the 54-year-old actress was all smiles at the premiere of Too Close to Home in Beverly Hills, California.
Locklear portrays First Lady Caitlyn, who finds out that her husband (Matt Battaglia) is cheating on her with a White House employee named Anna (Danielle Savre). Tyler Perry tells ET's Nischelle Turner that like Locklear's infamous Melrose Place character, Amanda Woodward, the actress portrays a woman that viewers will love to hate.
Photo: Getty Images
"All I can tell you, Heather Locklear is going to be one of the most cold-blooded people you have ever seen in film," Perry assured audiences. "That's all I am going to say. Once you see the show, you will get an understanding."
Perry has been a fan of Locklear since her Melrose Place days, saying her role was "before bad girls were good."
"It was a bit intimating, because it's Heather Locklear," he gushed. "Who didn't have the poster on the wall, you know?"
After a little persuading, Perry shared with ET a scene he loves between Locklear and her on-screen husband. "There is a moment where Heather Locklear's character comes to see the president in the Oval and she is not allowed in," he revealed. "That's all that I will tell you."
Perry's admiration for the actress is a far cry from recent tabloid reports that claimed Locklear was on a "downward spiral." A close friend of the veteran TV actress told ET there is no truth to the rumors, adding that she is "very healthy and in good condition."

Too Close to Home's two-hour premiere airs Monday, Aug. 22, on TLC.