EXCLUSIVE: Bethenny Frankel Reveals Why She Chose to Tell Luann de Lesseps About Fiance's Alleged Cheating


To tell or not to tell? That was Bethenny Frankel’s question on The Real Housewives of New York. She’d been sent photos of Luann de Lesseps’ fiancé, Tom D’Agostino, apparently kissing another woman, and the debate of if, when and how to share the pictures with Luann was tearing the Skinnygirl mogul apart.

“That information was definitely difficult,” Frankel told me at her home in the Hamptons.  “As I said on the episode, she isn't my best friend nor my enemy, and I didn't want to have that information.” Frankel said she’d been sent the photos of D’Agostino by a friend. So, why go through with it?

“They had been engaged for a week,” she said. “Had they had three kids together and been married for 25 years, I bet I wouldn't have said something. .... I think when you have been engaged to someone for a week that you've known for three months, you tell them. Maybe they can get out alive.”

Plus, Frankel says the other housewives’ input was a factor: “There were a lot of red flags from the other housewives saying multiple different stories.”

But viewers will have to wait until the season finale on Aug. 24 to see how the Countess reacts to the reveal; Wednesday night’s episode ended with Frankel telling de Lesseps she had photos of D'Agostino to show her.  “There is a lot more to come,” Frankel said. “Crazy and unbelievable -- really riveting. You can't keep your eyes off the television.”

Still, we do know de Lesseps and D'Agostino are together today, and even planning their wedding. “I think that Luann and people are more focused on how I used this information versus the fact the information itself existed,” Frankel teased. “I think that Luann wants to be in love and is in love with being in love and I think that LuAnn said that he is her in a man, so they're very similar creatures.”

Frankel said if she had to do it over, she’d make a different decision: “I think, frankly, that they both are OK with the way that they are living their lives and I wouldn't do it again. Now, I wouldn't tell her again.”

She hasn’t seen de Lesseps much this summer. Frankel is keeping busy with her businesses and launching new products, including her Skinnygirl Watermelon Lime Margarita. In fact, she says she’s been “distancing” herself from the show entirely. Find out whether she thinks she’ll return for season nine in the video below.